How to Install Google Camera Mod on Any Android Device

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How to Install Google Camera Mod on Any Android Device

How to Install Google Camera Mod on Any Android Device

Google pixels aren’t known for their advanced hardware camera. However, they can also know for their pretty best-advanced camera and that does wonder with simple hardware. You can capture some likable pictures through Sub-15,000/-

Google set algorithms for the camera app are the holy grail, of a smartphone camera. Exclusive features are coming with HDR+, Astrophotography that make it better and stand against in the competition. Due to wonders, brought by these applications.

Today we are teaching you how to install GCam a powerful Mod inside GCam.And if you are wondering how to install GCam on Android we have covered you in-depth guide. It is known as Ultra CVW and offers HDR+ modes.


Before you install the Gcam You have to check about some of the following things.

1-Support for Camera2 API

2-If camera2 API is not supported you will enable it to on your Device.

3-GCam Mod APK

4-you’ll also have to keep patience

What is Camera2 API 

Camera2 API is a developer to obtain access to granular camera control. Many Flagship Smartphone backed with Camera2 API. However, it is not necessary to enable it by default.

Now the main Point Before getting started how to install GCam on your device let me tell you about something that not every smartphone comes pre-installed with GCam.And if you’re trying to install just only Gcam Applications then maybe it should not even work on your device. Also, it crashing your device management.

How to install the Gcam on Device without any crashing problem?

For making your device capable for GCam you must flash Camera2 magisk module. For the flashing magisk module, you need to root your phone with magisk and then use the Magisk Manager app to flash Camera2 file in your phone and then install GCAM Application.


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